31 January 2011

One Thousand Gifts

I was so excited to receive One Thousand Gifts in the mail over the weekend! I cannot wait for the Bloom Book Club discussion to start. I have already begun to read it and know already that this will be one of those books on my all-time favorite, life-changing books list.

I am so glad that I made the decision to begin to count the many blessings in my life. Right now I am going through a particularly difficult time and it is very healthy and good for me to stop and focus on the gifts I've been given. Not to focus on the prayers yet unanswered, the *doors* that remain closed, but to focus on each day as it comes and be thankful.

So I continue to say, "thank you, Lord".

0241. waking to birdsong in the early morning

0242. a cold bottle of water on the night stand

0243. a spontaneous hug from one of my children

0244. a long, hot bath when your muscles ache

0245. brownies warm from the oven

0246. reading my dad's *praise reports* on Facebook while he's in the mission field

0247. a surprise phone call from a far-away dear friend

0248. recognizing a *new* kindred spirit

0249. playing at the park with my son on an unusually warm winter day

0250. smelling a pot roast cooking in the oven all afternoon

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