18 January 2011

Returning to Routine

Yesterday and today have been a challenge trying to get back into some semblance of routine. It's wierd trying to merge my routine into the routine of a different household. It's not always successful either. You have to give a little in areas while keeping firm in others.

I don't know about your kiddos, but mine thrive in a structured and consistent environment. From birth we have always done our best to maintain a fairly firm schedule and the difference is obvious when their schedule is off.

Last week was a week of non-schedule. Very, very bad.

I spent seven straight days packing up our house and moving it to storage while the kiddos stayed with my parents. And while I am eternally grateful to have wonderful parents who can and will do that, grandparents' schedules are very different from parents' schedules.

Thus begins the challenge of returning to routine:
Waking early and reading my Bible.
Making a simple breakfast for the kiddos.
Beginning school on time (by 9 am!).
Making it through our lesson plans each day in a timely manner.
Running an errand or two.
Preparing dinner each evening.
Reading bedtime stories.
Getting the kiddos tucked in on time.
Having some down time with my hubby before my bedtime.
Ahhh....routine how I love thee!

1 comment:

Kris said...

I know that feeling! Routine is a must when you homeschool...If you dont have it then you will go insane(: I didnt know you were moving though I guess I missed that post! Blessings your way, I hope this week gets better!