20 January 2011

A Snowy Day

This morning I awoke to a winter wonderland! Everything was beautifully frosted with snow and the flakes were coming down so prettily. I enjoyed taking quite a few photos around my parents' home today and just had to share some with you.

I hope you're enjoying winter as much as I am!


Mary said...

Beautiful indeed!
Your children looked to have had a grand time.

Our snow stayed around a very long time. The kids were out of school 5 days. It was as though it wouldn't melt and then ice formed on top.

Lve the cardinal photo.fersock

Mary said...

oops that last word was the word verification in case your wondering. LOL So that's why I was given a new word, I typed my first one in my comment box LOL

Layton Family Joy said...

so lovely, look at that fat bird! They don't look like that in FL!

Kayren said...

The cardinal is so pretty in the pictures. We have a couple that are the brightest I've ever seen that like our suet feeder.

You've had some snow for the last couple of years. Your kids must be loving it!