01 February 2011

Ice, Ice, Birdie!

Today has brought us a small ice storm with a little snow. It has also brought out the birds to the feeders. They have been so fun to watch! I'm going to have to invest in a good bird identification book so we can learn the names of our local birds. I only know a few of them, but if you recognize one of these leave me a comment! Oh~and notice the bird *couples* here, so pretty!


Shana said...

What a busy feeder you have! You are very popular. I love the chickadee! Birds are so lovely.


RSA Online said...

Ooh how cute, I love the red cardinal ;)

Kayren said...

Well, the top one is the male red-bellied woodpecker (the female would have a break in the red across the top of her head). Then the male and female cardinals. The next two are the junco and the tufted titmouse, then the chickadee. Next are the female and then the male downy woodpeckers (hairy look just like them but larger and much longer beak). The bottom two pictures might have goldfinches, but I'm not 100 percent sure. I'd have to get the book out since there are a lot of birds with that coloring and you are in a different area of the country than me.

Can you tell we bird? :) My husband and a couple of my kids identify much better than me though, especially in the field. If you want book suggestions, just let me know.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I am so impressed!! Thanks so much for sharing your bird knowledge:) The only ones I was sure of were the cardinals and the chickadee. I knew which ones were woodpeckers, but had no idea what kinds of woodpeckers. And I've been wondering so much about the titmouse because that's the one we have the most of. And they're so cute and fluffy:) I do think that yellow one is a finch, but not sure which kind either.
Feel free to recommend a good (beginner) bird book for us:)

Sarah Wilder said...

I love your birdie pictures! I'm so jealous! I've GOT to get some feeders up!