25 February 2011

Just Some Chit-Chat

I hope you're having a great week! Mine has been super busy~and pretty good, too.

I keep thinking it's Saturday instead of Friday, but I'm glad it's not because I need that extra day!

This week has been filled with delivering Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints, anyone?), school, church, the usual house stuff and--believe it or not--two girls nights out! I don't know how I managed to get two in the same week, but I did.

Last night was our monthly Moms Nite Out for our homeschool group and we had a really great time. We had a guest speaker, the childrens pastor from my church, who talked about those *Awkward Talks*. You know, the ones we dread to have with our growing children. She had some amazing advice to give and some great resources to share. I'm definitely going to be headed to the bookstore very soon.

And tonight is the kick off of our *new & improved* womens' ministry at our church. So I'm headed out to dinner with some of my girl friends from our small group and then we're all off to the big event at church. It should be a lot of fun!

When you go out with your friends do you ever feel guilty? You know, for not cooking your family dinner and not being there at bedtime? Sometimes I do. But I have to say, my hubby does an amazing job at doing all of that when I'm not there. In fact, he is always very supportive and encourages me to head out the door for some out-of-the-house time. I'm thankful for that. Sometimes he realizes that I need to do that even more than I do.

So here's to a great finish to this week~I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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Kathy said...

ok so what's the advice on the awkward talks? Because my daughter chose the American Girl book 'THe Care and Keeping of You' from the library the other day and I really think she's ready to hear about that stuff so I told her we could read through the book together - but I'm also petrified of messing up and scaring her to death! hahaha - so any helpful advice would be AWESOME! =)