07 February 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Today the online book club, Bloom, began discussions with Ann Voskamp about her new book, One Thousand Gifts. I have only read the first chapter so far...a couple of times. I am letting it soak in. Thinking on it. She's shares some tough stuff in that chapter. I wonder if I'm going to make it through a single chapter without crying. They're good tears though. Soul-searching tears. I can already tell this book will be life-changing and on my favorites-forever book list.

And I continue to count my gifts.

0251. the success of a new recipe

0252. sharing a good laugh with my sister

0253. sledding with my kiddos

0254. watching the birds at the feeders on a snowy day

0255. teaching my children

0256. watching the snow fall softly

0257. the comfort of a childhood favorite food

0258. building a snowman~or lady~with my kiddos

0259. warm socks on a cold day

0260. reading a great book in a comfy chair wrapped in my snuggie


Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

Birds at feeders, childhood foods, warm socks! I love this list!

Jenny said...

I love it when a new recipe turn out! I enjoyed my visit to your blog, thank you.

Craig said...

I’m visiting from Ann’s today.

Isn’t that book a little miracle?

And my fave:

0255. teaching my children ( I think that you schooling them is amazing)

God Bless you and yours and your gratitude journey.

Constance said...

I just started reading One Thousand Gifts. It is a wonderful book. I, also, cried throughout the first chapter and wonder if I will cry for the rest of them. I am pregnant with my first child, so I cry at the drop of a hat right now! Your blog is quite lovely!