21 February 2011

One Thousand Gifts

0271. warm days in late winter

0272. the crunch of last Fall's leaves under my feet in the yard

0273. the smell of woodsmoke

0274. the first crocus of Spring

0275. watching my kiddos climb their favorite tree

0276. the first tiny wildflowers of Spring

0277. gentle rains

0278. going on a nature scavenger hunt with my boy

0279. his unbridled enthusiasm for all things nature~both great and small

0280. delivering Girl Scout cookies with my sweet girl

0281. reading in the porch swing

0282. my first Spring bouquet

0283. tickle *fights* with my kiddos

0284. stealing quiet moments early in the morning with my new book

0285. the handwritten Valentine from my husband

0286. kissing the tops of my kiddos' heads and smelling that *outdoorsy* smell from playtime

0287. the joy of my children in simple games

0288. seeing new green shoots coming up out of the winter earth

0289. warm, fluffy towels at bathtime

0290. a text from my husband while he's out of town


Mary said...

wonderful list of blessings and a beautiful family! have a fabulous week!

Lora said...

we have the same name!! not so common. :)
i love your porch swing, and quite stolen mornings with a new book, too! :)
nice to "meet" you via Ann's monday gratitude sharing.
blessings from another Lora

Craig said...

I’m here from Ann’s today.

And of your list this is my favorite is – 0287. the joy of my children in simple games (it’s these memories that stick – this laughter that remains – the bonding over the simple that becomes permanent – yay) (all your hubby ones were a close second – God bless your marriage)

Reading you today has been a blessing. Thank you.

God watch over you and yours

Christina said...

Enjoyed your list. Kids are such a wonderful blessing and really help to keep things in perspective. Enjoy your day!

Sarah-Wife, Mother, Friend, Writer said...

The smell of woodsmoke stirs such wonderful memories of growing up on my grandparents farm! Glad you like it too!