09 February 2011

A *REAL* Snow

I feel as though I've talked a lot about snow lately. But we live in the South and snow~a real snow, not a *dusting*~is such a rare thing! If you live where you have snow all winter long, you won't appreciate my excitement, but I get as giddy as a kid when it comes to snow:)

Today we woke up to The. Most. Beautiful. Snow. that I've seen in a long time. Over seven inches!! I haven't seen a snow like that here in Arkansas since I moved here from Ohio on 1987. It reminded me of those Ohio snows when I was little. Such fun!!

We had a wonderful day, too. First school (because we're homeschoolers, you know), then a walk in the snow, snowball fights, snow ice cream and movies.

I love that my children are getting lots of snow play this winter. There something wonderful about getting to fully experience all four seasons.

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Kathy said...

that's awesome! I saw another Arkansas blogger {Kelly's Korner} that said she got 20 inches! That must be unheard of in Arkansas! Glad you guys are having *snow* much fun!!