13 February 2011

Valentine Boxes

This past week Vince has been helping the kiddos whip up their Valentine boxes for their homeschool group Valentine skating party coming up tomorrow. I've held off as long as I can so as not to spoil their surprise, but I just have to share these with you today.

For Mr. B there is R2D2 to receive all of his Valentines into his little disc drive~or whatever it is that Princess Leia inserts her disk into:) There is a hidden door on his backside where the Valentines can be retrieved.

R2D2 is made of cardboard, creatively taped together, hot glue to add textured details and finally, paint.

The Princess is taking her new *designer* purse in which to collect her Valentines.

Valentines can be easily dropped in and collected from the *open zipper* top of the purse. Clever, huh? And I love the way their collaborative efforts created this pattern on the purse~so cute!
Now if I can just get those Valentine cupcakes finished we'll be ready for the party!

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