06 March 2011

A Couple of *New* Favorite Series

Lately we have discovered a new-to-us book series that we are just loving: the Paddington Bear books. I picked up a few of them at a local used book store for Mr. B. Even though the reading level is above where he is, I thought they would be fun to read together. And they sure are! In fact we have been reading them together as a family, a chapter a night, and loving every minute of them. Such fun escapades of a bear in London! If you and your children haven't read them, I think you would love them! We're looking forward to getting the rest of the series.

Another series~a video series~ that we just discovered this weekend is called What's in the Bible? This is a new series created by Phil Vischer (formerly of Veggie Tales) that tackles some of the tough questions people (children) have about the Bible. There are currently four in the series, going chronologically through the Bible. I believe Phil says he plans to make nine more to complete the series. We picked them up at our local Lifeway store, which was having a very fun kids' day yesterday. So glad we found them! If you enjoy Veggie Tales, you'll definitely like these.

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