07 March 2011

One Thousand Gifts

0306. playing hide & seek with my kiddos

0307. bedtime stories with Paddington Bear

0308. TOMS shoes

0309. watching my son eat an Oreo

0310. a special night out with my hubby and kiddos

0311. sharing birthday secrets

0312. building Legos with my kiddos

0313. nature walking

0314. all those little discoveries while nature walking

0315. old houses

0316. oven roasted chicken breast Subway sandwiches with sweet onion sauce

0317. road-tripping with my family

0318. the feeling of hope

0319. meeting wonderful people through my blog

0320. God's mercies that are new every morning


1st holy communion gifts said...

Beautiful places! Definitely! You have a wonderful family!

Lisa said...

I love old houses too, my husband and I are in the midst of renovating one so that we can move into it!!!!