17 March 2011

Our St. Patty's Day Fun

We were definitely *green* for St. Patrick's day! Frankly, you had to be or Mr. B would pinch the dickens out of you:)

Here's some of the highlights from our day:

~Green goody bags for the kiddos that included stickers and rainbow sour gummy strips.

~The Princess created a Lego shamrock with gold (above).

~Green fruit smoothies (thank you, food coloring)!

~Leprechaun paper dolls (found here). These were a big hit!

~We had a delicious dinner of corned beef with veggies and Irish soda bread--so good! We ate it so quickly I forgot to take photos (sorry).

~Finally we wrapped up our day with a fruit rainbow (idea found here):

We began with fruit in all the colors of the rainbow, bananas for our pot o'gold and mini marshmallows for the clouds.

It was fun making it together!

And it turned out GREAT! We gobbled that rainbow up very quickly:)

It was another fun St. Patrick's day for us. I have so much fun finding creative ideas for ways to celebrate the holidays here in blogland~it's a virtual goldmine of brainstorming!

I hope your day was as fun as ours was!


Sarah said...

Looks like a really fun day!

Rachel_Sims said...

absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the fruit rainbow!!! and SOOOOO cracking up at the thoughts of "Mr. B" pinching everyone! LOL! as always... YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Annie Kate said...

What an awesome rainbow! You're so creative, and you sure know how to make special times for your kids.

And, yes, the climbing wall was a lot of fun.

Annie Kate

Amber said...

LOOVE The fruit rainbow! I am totally using that next year!!