21 March 2011

*Spring Break*

Right now we are in Tennessee. Vince spoke at a church in the Lawrenceburg area today and we had a great time visiting friends here that we don't often see. On the way here Saturday night we even stopped in our former *hometown* in Alabama to have dinner with a couple of friends there. It's always wonderful to see friends who are far away.

I hadn't really planned to take a real Spring Break from our school work this year, but it has worked out that way after all. And it's a good thing! I think we need it this year especially.

Today we are getting up super early and driving to Huntsville, Alabama to take the kiddos to the US Space & Rocket Center. We're all excited! We've taken them before, but they were much younger and really don't remember it. Since we were so close, we thought it would be fun to go~especially since The Princess' birthday is this week and she has been mentioning wanting to go for a while now.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday The Princess has Girl Scout day camp in the mornings. And we are planning some fun things to do with Mr. B during that time.

Then our co-op classes start back on Friday. So it will be a week of fun and learning, just not book work in particular:)

I'm also taking a break from menu planning this week~just going to wing it! Getting crazy, aren't it?

Have you already had your Spring Break where you live? If you homeschool, are you taking a Spring Break?

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Hen Jen said...

breaks can be a very good thing :)

(visiting from the homeschool hop!)