20 April 2011

Did You Miss Me?

I missed y'all! :)

It has been a crazy couple of weeks and my routine is all shook up!

As some of you know, we were supposed to move on April 1st but were delayed until the 4th. And even though we began moving on the 4th we weren't actually able to spend our first night in our house until the 10th due to some work still being done inside the house. Then we left on an already-planned trip on the 15th, came home for one night on the 18th, then left for an overnight anniversary trip, just getting home today.

So it's been a long process and there are still a lot of boxes to go.

But I'm having fun putting it all together. Each house is SO different, you have to rework things in completely different areas. I like that it makes be creative with what I have. I'm looking forward to sharing some of our recent projects with you soon!

I am especially happy to be getting my {new} kitchen all put together, too! Not having my kitchen is almost like being without an arm for me~ha! Seriously though, I have really missed it. And I really like this kitchen! It has the most amazing island! I can't wait to show you pics!

I am also thrilled beyond words to be getting our school *room* put back together. It has been one tough semester for me. We are in desperate need of our regular routine. We were never able to really get into one during the stay at my parents' house and that has taken its toll.

We don't have a true schoolroom this time around, but will be setting up school in our family room/kitchen area. Sort of like when we very first started homeschooling with The Princess. I think it'll work out okay.

The kiddos don't know it yet, but I am planning to do some school throughout the summer as well. And it's a good thing, too, since we've fallen a bit behind with all the moving, etc.

And there you have it, an update! We haven't yet gotten our internet hooked up at our house, but should have it in the next day or so~thank goodness! I'm in withdrawal..ha!


Kathy said...

I've missed you! So glad you are getting things in order and I can't wait to see pics of your new place! =)

Sarah said...

Good luck with the unpacking. I always do the kitchen on the first day. Can't stand not having it together.