04 April 2011

It Has Begun

(my parents' dogwoods)

Moving into our {new} house, that is.

I'm already exhausted just looking at all of those boxes. BUT I'm very happy to be getting settled again!

We just got a couple of big loads delivered today, but we aren't staying overnight yet. Our landlords need to come back tomorrow to finish up some things like paint touch-ups, a ceiling fan, etc., before we can really unpack and set up house.

I felt a little at a loss today wishing I could start putting shelf liner in the kitchen cabinets ...or something... but there was too much *repair* work going on to really start anything. So we just got the big pieces of furniture mostly in place and most of the boxes sorted to the correct rooms.

There's a lot to do.

And I've got a deadline for the majority of the unpacking: I'm scheduled to host the *moms nite out* for our homeschool group at the end of this month. So...I basically have 3 weeks to get a whole lot done at the house! (Did I mention I'll be out-of-town one of those weekends?!)

Oh well, I think having people over to your home is a great way to motivate yourself to get things done, right? Right!

So now the work begins!


Nicole said...

I love the dogwood, my childhood home had a gorgeous pink one in the front yard. We bought our first home in 2009 after 9 military moves. So I understand your unpacking frenzy you are about to endure.

Sarah Kopf said...

Very excited for you, Lora! Good luck!


Dana Orsbun said...

Are you all going to be close to me and Scottie in Ft. Smith? We live on N. 53rd just off of Free Ferry.

Tonya :) said...

moving is a chore! but on the bright side, you get to purge, too! Did Vince tell you we saw each other when he was driving the truck? In my neck of the woods! Woo!