18 April 2011

One Thousand Gifts

0371. going to my son's first t-ball game and seeing him get a hit and a run:)

0372. watching my kiddos do *tricks* in the hotel swimming pool (their fave thing about traveling)

0373. good home cooking after so many meals out

0374. warm, fluffy blankets

0375. the calm after the storm

0376. seeing former students who are thriving in life

0377. laughing with my hubby (he still cracks me up after all these years!)

0378. seeing my children's joy in their {new} treehouse and backyard

0379. catching frogs with my kiddos

0380. laughing with my kiddos over Paddington Bear's funny antics as we read through the books

0381. surprise packages in the mail

0382. getting a few more boxes unpacked each day

0383. family antiques {or hand-me-downs} that bring to remembrance special people

0384. painting my daughter's fingernails

0385. kissing the back of my son's neck

0386. brand new tires on my car {gifted to me!}

0387. a cold Coca-Cola that my hubby made a special run out to get for me

0388. God's amazing protection during storms {both natural and spiritual}

0389. remembering Calvary and Christ's sacrifice for us

0390. celebrating His Resurrection

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