09 April 2011

Some Easter Favorites

{I'm reposting this even though I just posted it on Thursday. It was brought to my attention that I had some bad links and I have corrected those now. So sorry about that! Maybe it was Blogger, but mostly likely it was me trying to blog with a brain exhausted from moving:)}


It's Spring time again~and that means it's Easter time! Such a wonderful time of the year, celebrating Christ's resurrection, new life, rebirth. It's beautiful!

Do you have some special Easter traditions? Here are a few of ours:

One new tradition I'm looking forward to beginning this year is this special {free} Easter devotional from Ann at A Holy Experience.


April said...

Ooh, velvet carrot cake? If I bat my eyes at you and say pretty please would you post the recipe? Hmm? Pretty please?

Sarah said...

The fabric eggs are so pretty.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I responded to your question there.