08 April 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where We Unschooled

(Schoolhouse Rock Live!)

Well, technically we took the week "off" because of our move, but I like to think we got in some schooling on the sly.

Our move began on Monday, but it has continued all week (we have yet to spend a night in our {new} house) because the owners still have a bit of repairs and painting to do. We've been working all week getting things done, but some things just need to wait until the painting is over and since we could still sleep at my parents' house it just seemed like the best thing to do.

School this week has consisted of:

  • Catching tadpoles in our backyard pond. I even bought an early reader on the life cycle of frogs last week knowing that we would have the perfect opportunity to learn about them and today I actually unpacked the box that had a book I bought a while back: Pets In a Jar.
  • Exploring in our new backyard in general. There's a treehouse and their very own *jungle gym/swingset*, new wildflowers to pick...you get the picture.
  • Attending a {free!} performance of Schoolhouse Rock Live! at a local high school. It was a great show and the kiddos LOVED it! We are big Schoolhouse Rock fans~we have all of the songs on dvd. Hey, they're a great homeschool resource:)
  • Attending our co-op classes with our homeschool group.
  • Finally breaking out the microscope set we got them {for Christmas!}. They are loving looking at all of the slides that came with it, plus using the outdoor exploring *tools* that came along, too. That is going to be great fun!
And there you have it...our version of unschooling for the week.

Next week I plan to get back into our groove...little by little. I'm still getting our schooling area arranged. We don't have an extra room for a school room in this house, but the kitchen/family area is really big and I think I'm actually going to like having them school there while I can also work in the kitchen, etc., if I need to while I still teach them.

And that's a wrap for us this week:)


steviewren said...

Sounds like you've been busy. I'm impressed with your ability to make the most of every opportunity. I bet the kids learned plenty while you unschooled.

Ellen said...

You got quite a bit done even with the move! I'd love to see the Schoolhouse Rock Live. We do much of our schooling at the kitchen table, and it's nice to be able to read out spelling words, etc., while working on supper prep or cleaning up.

danielle said...

Thanks for stopping by my place. :)

No worries about T-ball. He'll look SO delish in his uniform that it'll make it worth all the running around!

Have fun settling into your new place...


MommyKuehner said...

Sounds like such a great week. The SchoolHouse Rock Live would've been so great to see!!
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Our Country Road said...

Definatly a good week! Hope you get moved in soon!

Nicole said...

You might find, as we have, that the living room/kitchen is a great place to do school. We have a huge schoolroom upstairs and NEVER use it. We feel confined there. I'm going to pack it all up this summer. No sense in wasting the space.

Blossom said...

Neat! A treehouse! I always wanted one of those...my kids, too. Maybe someday before they are gone ;) Wow! your week seems like it was pretty packed *pun intended ;) - but really, School House Rock LIVE? That's just awesome... :)
Hope your weekend was swell and your next week will be peachy :)

Storybook Woods said...

Granted I am pretty unschooled but I think it is times like these where the real learning happens!! Clarice

Annie Kate said...

Unschooling works so well for those funny weeks when life happens instead...and moving is certainly a big life happening!

I hope you enjoy your new home and get settled in quickly.

Annie Kate