19 May 2011

Creepy Crawly Flip Flops

Quite a long time ago I saw this idea for boys' flip flops and tucked it away in my mind. However, it's only been just this week that I've taken the time to try it. After my son got over the fact that I had glued his toy *creepy crawlies* onto his shoes, he actually liked the idea. (Yes, I made him cry over his fave lizard. Total bad parenting moment).

First I picked up some new flip flops at the store. Then I came home and ransacked Mr. B's bug box, choosing the longest and flattest *bugs*. Finally I grabbed some super glue gel and some clothes pins.

Then I positioned the *bugs* on the flip flops, one on each, and glued them. I clamped them down with the clothes pins to dry.

They turned out very cute!

I must tell you, the orange ones (above) had a harder time gluing because the toe straps were shinier than the one on the blue pair (below). I think I'm going to re-glue these with a different glue (flip flop glue maybe) just to be on the safe side.

Overall though, I LOVE the way they turned out! Just adorable!

Now I'm off to buy more toy lizards for my son...

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