09 May 2011

One Thousand Gifts: Overcoming the Whine

Is it just me, or do you also sometimes feel whiny, like everything happens to you and everyone else has perfect lives? I've sort of been feeling like that lately, at least off and on. It's pathetic, I know. I have a wonderful life, filled with so many blessings! I've let all sorts of *stuff* lately prevent me from taking the time to count my many blessings. Today I've determined not to do that.

0391. soft Spring breezes coming in the window

0392. a chorus of frogs in the backyard

0393. kiddos playing contentedly together

0394. digging in the dirt, planting my seedings

0395. sweet handmade surprises on Mothers Day

0396. *high art* watercolor paintings by my kiddos to hang on the wall

0397. sunshine after what-feels-like-a-month-of-rain

0398. the first just-grilled-on-the-patio burger of the year

0399. having my whole family over for lunch

0400. receiving windows of opportunity from God

0401. the chance to teach my children at home, even when it's been a rough day

0402. the scent of honeysuckle wafting in the air

0403. having a hubby who will kill big bugs for me (even when he hates them just as much)

0404. picking fresh strawberries

0405. picnics

0406. water gun fights

0407. swinging on a swing and feeling like a kid again

0408. the smell of freshly-cut grass

0409. second chances

0410. afternoon naps

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