25 May 2011

Surviving the Storms {updated}

I don't know about where you live, but it has been one crazy Spring here in Western Arkansas.

We've had rain like nobody's business. And then there are all of the tornadoes that have been passing through. I'm so thankful that none have touched down here.

I've been through that before and it is heartbreaking. I've been so saddened by all that has happened this year in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. And now Arkansas.

Last night was another rough one. Monday was even worse in our area with crazy winds.

A tree two houses over from us fell on the power lines, thus blowing the transformer about 10 pm Monday. As of late last night we still don't have power. Yesterday afternoon we loaded up all of the food from our refrigerator/freezer and brought it over to my parents' house (deja vu!). We also spent the night here. There's nothing like trying to sleep during a storm when it's killer muggy outside and you can't even turn on a fan. Did that Monday night...decided not to try it again last night:)

We're heading over in just a bit to check out our house. Maybe the electric is back on, but I'm not too hopeful. There are TONS of trees and power lines down all over our area and I know there are bigger fish for the electric company to fry, ie: intersections and roads, before they get to our back alley.

But here's hoping!

I am very thankful that my family is all safe and we've had no major damage. I hope and pray that you are safe from the Spring storms where you live.

We were pleasantly surprised to find our electricity back on when we got to our house! Whoo hoo! So now we're busy getting our food back home and getting back to life as usual~whatever that is:)

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Nicole said...

I was so glad to read the update. There are so many who I only Know through blog who are right in the middle of this weather chaos and am grateful to hear from some like you, who have braved the storms and are ok. blessings for a calmer summer.