01 June 2011

It's Snow Cone Time!

This week I got out a fun little gizmo that Vince and I received as a wedding gift: a snow cone maker!
I must admit that I've nearly given it away a couple of times because we just weren't using it~and we kept having to pack it for all of our many moves:) But something in me just kept thinking "our kids will have so much fun with this".

I'm glad I finally remembered to unpack it this time around! It's a HUGE hit!

Can't you tell by these faces?

Well, how about these faces?

OK, silly boy! (these shots crack me up~so totally Mr. B!)

Bring on the summer!


Sarah said...

Cole loves our snow cone maker also! Great photos!

Sarah @ Thinfluenced

April said...

You've inspired me to get ours out today. It's a great day for it, too. We're pushing 100 degrees!

Dianna said...

I have two of these things from Pampered Chef. I ended up haveing to buy two, one for girls - one for boys. Somewhere along the way I lost the ice molds but saw similar ones in the grocery store.