20 June 2011

Menu Plan Monday: June 20th

Why is it that each Monday lately I'm saying something like "well, I made it through this past week!"? Has May and June really been that crazy? Yes, they have. Each week I think it'll slow down, but it never does.

This week Vince is speaking at a youth camp in Alabama, the kiddos are attending VBS and I'm attempting to get my house back in order after the yard sale this past weekend. Plus catch up on everything else I neglected this past week.

Some good cooking is in order!

Monday: BBQ stuffed baked potatoes
Tuesday: {I'm cooking a whole chicken in my crockpot this day and will use some of the meat for dinner and then freeze the rest for more meals later) Special Delivery Chicken with a veggie
Wednesday: Tostadas
Thursday: Pesto Meatball Soup
Friday: Parmesan Baked Fish with Swiss Potatoes
Saturday: {leftovers and snacks}

What are you cooking this week?

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LoveMyMichaels said...

MMM what in the world are bbq stuffed potatoes?! They sound devine!