20 June 2011

One Thousand Gifts

The list continues...

0426. a growing garden

0427. children's laughter from the backyard

0428. watching the kiddos gently swing on a lazy summer afternoon

0429. flowers in window boxes~they just make me smile:)

0430. the quiet simplicity of tending the blooms in the window boxes each day.

0431. the joy of The Princess when I ask if she will water them for me~so sweet!

0432. lemonade stands

0433. seeing my kiddos help their *customers* so well

0434. chocolate cookies

0435. sneaking bites of cookie dough

0436. the simple pleasures of nature

0437. my son's delight in wearing his backpack everywhere he goes

0438. watching Mr. B *making* lily pads in our little pond

0439. time to read a good book

0440. watching my son's game at the ball fields in a slightly cooler summer evening


Court said...

What a lovely garden!

Michelle said...

These are wonderful summertime memories for your children. Love your son's backpack--how sweet. They look so cute with their lemonade stand. God has blessed your family with some beautiful times together, so glad you are enjoying them to their fullest!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

What great summer activities! Love the tiny little frog! And my 6-year-old has decided that he needs to wear his backpack everywhere we go...with his journal and some toys! LOL Stopping in from HHH!

Kay said...

I enjoyed your blog post! We have so much to be thankful for!

Visiting from HHH,

Rhen @Yes, they are all mine said...

That is a great list!!!