06 June 2011

Summer Reading Programs

(a painting inside a local library)

I have gotten a little carried away with signing my kiddos up for summer reading programs this year, but I just can't resist! Reading is SO much fun and when there are prizes involved that makes it even better.

In case you haven't seen any of these great opportunities, I wanted to share these links with you:

  • Scripture Adventures~go here to download 2011 summer Bible reading calendars. They include coloring sheets for your kiddos. The rewards are eternal!!

  • Barnes & Noble~go here to print off the reading program form. After you child has read 8 books and recorded them in the form, you can take the form in to redeem a free book from their approved list.

  • Borders~go here to print off the reading program form. When your child has read 10 books and recorded them on the form, you can take that in to redeem a free book from their approved list.

  • Books-A-Million~You must go into your local store and ask an employee for the reading form for their Junie B. Jones summer reading program. Once your child has read at least 4 Junie B. Jones books they are eligible to receive a special backpack.

  • Chuck E. Cheese~go here to download a reading rewards calendar. When your child has completed it, visit CEC and receive free tokens.

  • Your local library~we visited ours this past weekend for its summer reading program kick-off and the kiddos are reading away to win all sorts of prizes that include restaurant coupons, book bags, school supplies and more. Hey, I even signed up for the adult's reading program!

So go, and get your kiddos signed up and reading for the summer!!


Tabbatha said...

Lora, thanks for posting this. You just saved me some work and now I can mark this off my to-do list this week. You rock!!

Anne said...

Thanks for all the reading program ideas. I was just getting ready to look into this.