29 June 2011

Wheelin' & Dealin'

We have been on a selling frenzy around here lately! I think my husband would sell every stitch of our furniture if I would let him, just so he wouldn't have to move it again. Unfortunately for him, I'm kind of attached to some of it. But there was plenty I've been willing to part with. So we decided to have a big yard sale!

The kiddos were set on having a lemonade stand and I baked my favorite chocolate chip cookies for them to sell also~who can resist a cookie, right? Then you've gotta buy some lemonade to go with it, don't you? Yeah, we're all about the marketing and suggestive selling here:)

We got busy that weekend! We decided we were only up for a one-day sale, especially in this horrible summer heat, but we started setting up on Friday. I think we almost made more sales on Friday than we did on Saturday! The people just kept popping by as we were setting up~it was a great day.

On Saturday we were up bright and early (me, with a big cup of hazelnut coffee, since I'm really not much of a morning person:). And the people came all day until mid-afternoon. By then I had melted and we started packing up. Except for a few larger items, we packed off the leftovers to a local veterans thrift store for donation.

I leave you with this one last photo...of some of our shoppers. These folks bought a mattress and box springs set from us~the one strapped on top of the pile on top of their minivan! They apparently have a business about 45 minutes from here and hit the yard sales each weekend and stock up, mostly on furniture it looked like. It was a sight to behold, watching them arrange and strap on all of that stuff (they bought furniture from our neighbors who were also having a yard sale). I think nearly the whole block came out to watch them put their load together..ha

I'm so relieved that the yard sale is over, but it was a HUGE success and I'm so glad we did it. It'll have to be a few more years before I do another one~I have to forget just how much work they are first!

Do you enjoy having yard sales or do you prefer to just shop them?


Mary said...

Wow! That is some load on that minivan :) The lemonade stand is adorable.

Deb said...

Oh how I miss those days of a lemonade stand! My kiddos are 20 and 18 so it's been awhile :(
Simple pleasures! Good thing the minivan folks didn't have far to go with that load...looks like they made out like a bandit! Have a super day!

Sarah Wilder said...

That minivan picture is amazing!! Isn't it a relief to have all that "junk" out of the house?? I love yard sales!

April said...

My gracious what a load! I wouldn't want to be behind them on the highway. Don't really do yard sales - having or visiting. Not sure why, I know I've practically given stuff away at the ones I've been a part of. Maybe it's that whole early morning thing... :-)

April from the Crew

Jennifer said...

Hazelnut coffee is my favorite! That van would have scared me- glad it didn't all topple over on the lemonade stand.

Welcome to the crew!

Nanette said...

Haha! Wow is all I can say about the mini van! The lemonaide and cookies looked delish :)
I’m now following you.
~ Nanette ~ a fellow crew mate