17 July 2011

Controlled Chaos

If you've been around here lately then you probably already know we're moving. And I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

On any day it is utterly exhausting to pack up your whole house, but when the temperatures are triple digits...well, let's just say I'm ready to adopt the tradition of siestas into our American culture!

We actually have about 60-70% of things already packed, so we're coming along. It's hard to know what to leave out until the last minute~especially those kitchen items. Although I haven't been doing too much cooking lately. It's just so un-motivating when your house is a wreck. I'm trying to keep it simple.

I'm also packing The Princess for her first trip to summer camp with our church. I can hardly believe this day is here! She's only 8! They attend the most amazing camp though~Dry Gulch, U.S.A. in Oklahoma. She won't even have time to miss me, she'll be having so much fun. I'm so happy that she has the opportunity to go~even though I'm going to miss her like crazy!!

While she's gone Vince leaves on a trip to The Philippines with another minister from our church (he'll get back with 1 day to spare before we pick up our moving truck to start loading). In the meantime Mr. B and I will get to hang out and have some fun together. I definitely need to plan a few fun things just for him because he really misses his sister when she's not home to play with. And with Vince gone it will be a double whammy.

And then we pull out of town on August 1st and begin the Week of Moving. We're hoping we may be able to get it in on load, but it might take two and we're prepared for that. I'm just so looking forward to the unpacking!

Our first Sunday as pastors of our new church will be August 28th, so we have a little time to get settled in before then. We're also planning a little family vacation during that time as well.

We so need it! I can't wait!

Oh, and in between all of the above, I'm working on getting ready for school this Fall. I've got nearly all of our curriculum in~so excited about that! And I'm ready to start my lesson plans...almost. I need a quiet moment and that may be a few weeks. We won't start back until after Labor Day though so I have a little time.

And that's my life right now: controlled chaos!

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mysteryhistorymom said...

The camp sounds wonderful and it's close to us! I cannot wait to hear all about it!:) Good luck on the move. I know they are no fun but just think of all the new wonderful memories you will make once you get settled.:) Lori