26 July 2011

Daydreaming About Our New Learning Room

So, we're moving, right? And we'll start back to school the first part of September, which means that I have about a month to create a good learning room for us to work in. In the home that we are buying there is already a good space for that, but it will need some paint and some bookcases. It's a smallish space though, so I definitely need to be creative.

Vince is planning to create some built-ins (you've gotta click this link to see the ideas Vince is thinking of!) for us. He's been diligently watching HGTV shows on Hulu.com lately and has some awesome ideas. I just don't know if they're going to happen in the first month that we're in our home:) Probably not realistic, but if it does happen, then whoo hoo!

In the meantime I've been surfing around on Pinterest.com, among other places for good learning room ideas. I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.

(all images from Pinterest)

I love this shelving idea! It's very inexpensive plus durable and sturdy.
And I love how they've made the lowest shelf into a desk!

I'm in love with these hanging globes!! And the maps wallpapering the wall!!
I've wanted to do the map thing for the longest time, but haven't had the right space.
But I know I've got the globes to do this, if it works in the room.

This is a great way to display the kiddos' artwork and I'm kind of liking
the way they hung the chalkboard at the bottom of the wall.
We have a chalkboard, about this size in fact, and I'm wondering
if I would like this~or if I would get tired of bending over to use it myself:)
Maybe hang it in the middle with artwork above and below??

And so the daydreaming continues...

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Jolanthe said...

Trying to come up with ideas for ours too. Drywall goes up this week! My biggest challenge is the slanted ceilings and figuring how to afford all my likes! I'd love any links you have. Will be browsing your pinterst account!