10 July 2011

Menu Plan Monday: July 11th

Do you know how hard it is to plan your weekly menu when you have absolutely no desire to do so because the majority of your dishes are packed and every surface is covered with stuff that needs to be packed?

It's really hard!

I'm trying to be very diligent in cooking up all of the stuff in the freezer and use as many pantry products as possible. I'm not so sure my family is appreciative of this diligence..haha...but I'm persevering!

This week we are utilizing the grill and slow cooker as much as possible. It is so. stinkin. hot. here~triple digits every day!! So cranking up the oven just isn't very appealing right now. Ice cream is very appealing, however:)

Monday: Perfect Burgers (grill), Potato Salad (leftovers), Marinated Green Beans (leftovers)
Tuesday: {Moms Nite Out with my homeschool peeps}
Wednesday: {day trip to Tulsa}
Thursday: Grilled Ruben Hot Dogs (grill) with Baked Potatoes (slow cooker)
Friday: Poppy Seed Chicken (slow cooker), with green peas
Saturday: mostly likely leftovers and snacks

And there you have it! Hopefully this week will be as easy as this menu sounds!

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Rose @ Walnut Acre said...

This looks like a good plan for a hot busy week. :-)