18 July 2011

Menu Plan Monday: July 18th

Well....let's just say that while I am still trying to plan my menus in order to clean out my freezer, fridge and pantry as much as possible before our move, I have lost all motivation to cook. Except that we still get hungry, so that is motivating:) The kitchen island is constantly buried with *stuff* and half of my kitchen things are packed up so it's just very....inconvenient to cook right now.

However, last week my totally awesome mom came over bearing three casseroles for us~one to eat that night and two for the freezer! She brought Chicken Rotel and two pans of Chicken & Dressing. We've already eaten one of the Chicken & Dressing and it was SO yummy! I'm looking forward to eating the other two casseroles this week:)

Monday: Chicken Rotel~plus I'm making some Poppy Seed Chicken to take to friends who've just had a baby!
Tuesday: {Going out for German food to celebrate my sister's birthday!}
Wednesday: {Emma leaves for camp}
Thursday: Chicken & Dressing, with Cheesey Shells for Mr. B since he's not a fan of the other:)
Friday: {Vince leaves for The Philippines} Something simple for Mr. B & me...maybe we'll go out!
Saturday: Breakfast for dinner~eggs, bacon & biscuits

So it should be a fairly easy week in the kitchen and I should have lots cleaned out and eaten up by next week. Yea~less to pack!

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