10 July 2011

One Thousands Gifts: Summer Lovin'

0441. having a mud fight with your BFF

0442. playing dress-up

0443. playing with a "borrowed" puppy

0444. watching how Mr. B has improved during his first t-ball season

0445. my little slugger

0446. clear summer nights with a *Cheshire cat* moon

0447. watching fireworks and humming John Phillip Sousa marches in my head

0448. *SparKlerS*

0449. late summer night fun

0450. experiencing history with my kiddos

0451. random science experiments

0452. my adorable *girly-girl*


Alyssa said...

So fun! I love summer -- and you captured all the highlights :)

Beck Gambill said...

Wonderful summer blessings! Are they frying an egg on the pavement?! Enjoyed visiting from A Holy Experience.

Nicole said...

I love the frying the egg thing, I for sure know we could have done it yesterday, but today a much welcome rain is drizzling. So glad to have stopped by.

Mari said...

Love the list and accompanying pics. My favorite is the moon. Blessings to you this week =)

Elizabeth said...

Love your pictures! Looks like lots of memory making!