06 July 2011

*Squash Bugs* Are NOT My Friends

Well, I slightly missed the Garden Challenge deadline for this post, but since they're flexible I'm doing it anyway. I feel that I need the closure since it's the end of the challenge:)

Overall, my little garden has done fairly well, especially since I started it all from seeds. Of course, this means I haven't reaped any of the fruits of my labor yet. And we'll be moving in a month, so I'm a little anxious...but what can one do, right?

The tomato plants have really thrived! It's been fun to watch them grow so big from those very tiny seeds. And I finally have one little green Roma growing. There are lots of blooms, I'm just hoping that the plants don't drop them to go into preservation mode because it's so hot here. That's what happened last year and we didn't get any tomatoes. Hopefully the fact that one's already growing is a good sign.

I have about a dozen stalks of corn and they seem to be growing very well, too. I have no idea how long it takes corn to mature, but I'm hoping we'll get those two meals out of them before we move:)

The zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers are a different story though. Those annoying pests, the *squash bugs*, got them. I tried several types of sprays (organic and otherwise) but I've lost them unfortunately. I'm hoping Kentucky won't have any squash bugs when I plant my garden again next year!

I did add some marigolds about a month ago, so maybe they've helped those tomato plants thrive a little by keeping some pests away. They add a nice splash of color to the garden, too.

And that's the update! I'll be sure to post when I start getting some good stuff out of there!


Zonnah said...

Looks like it turned out great! I should plant marigolds next year.

The Buckner Family said...

Just stopping by from the crew to say hello! Getting to know everybody is going to be fun!

Your family pics are gorgeous! I love the one in your header with the train tracks. We need to get family pics done so bad...Its so hard to find a good photographer...