24 August 2011

Getting Settled In...Still

This month has flown by! It must have gone by somewhere in the whirl of cardboard boxes and freshly painted walls. I really thought I would be further along in the settling-in process that I am. This has been on of my rougher unpacking episodes. I think it had something to do with doing some remodeling right at the beginning, plus starting to paint right away, plus the unbelievable disorganized mess of our boxes in the garage..ha

Slowly, but surely I'm getting there though. Thank goodness!

I still have a very long punch list of things we want to do to this house though. I thought I'd share them with you...in no particular order:

  • paint the master bedroom walls
  • paint the kids' bedrooms
  • paint The Princess' bedroom furniture
  • paint some of Mr. B's bedroom furniture
  • paint the hall bathroom walls
  • paint the hall bathroom vanity
  • paint the kitchen walls
  • paint the kitchen cabinets
  • paint the hall light fixtures
  • paint the *new* hutch for the kitchen
  • sand/stain/paint our dining table and chairs
OK, I'm not done, but I'm going to stop there because the list is making me even more tired. But you get the idea, right?

Don't worry, I've already taken the *before* shots and I'm taking the *afters* along the way!

We've already:

  • painted the front, aka:reading room, walls
  • painted the learning room
  • built custom shelves for the learning room
  • painted the hallway walls
  • created a custom headboard
I can't wait to start sharing some of these projects! Even though they are a lot of work we are enjoying it because it's our house. It's just not fun to do things to a rent house~at least not for me~so I haven't really enjoyed decorating much at all in the past 3 years. But I'm having fun again!

Oh~and we are back online as of yesterday! Whoo hoo!!

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