08 August 2011

I'm Back!!

Hey, Y'all!

I'm out of the house for a couple of hours today to run errands and get some wifi at our local Starbucks:) It's been a crazy week of moving here! And I've been missing blogland. You can only do so much on a phone and a tablet...ha

We've been in our *new* house for a week now~well, sleeping there for the past 3 nights, the rest were in a hotel~and we're busy digging out of boxes. Right now it seems like an endless task, but I know there will be an end.

We've also started doing some painting and today Vince is starting that project for the learning room that he's been dying to do. Yea!!

I'm sorry I can't post any pictures today, but as it turns out the usb cord wasn't in Vince's laptop bag after all. Oh well, we should have internet at the house within a day or so and then there will be LOTS of pictures! I've already taken lots of *before* pics:)

And that's my little update: moving, closing on our new home, unpacking, updating in the house, getting ready for a much-needed vacation, preparing to start back to school soon and gearing up for the transition Sunday at our new church home.

So, yeah, it's busy here. But life is good and I'm loving it!

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My Magnolia Cottage by Lori said...

Glad that you are setteling in! I have been wondering how your move has been going. Can't wait to see how you are fixing up your new home! Blessings, Lori