14 August 2011

Peaches from an Amish Farm

Do you have any idea just how many peaches are in a half-bushel?! Well, I didn't.

I know... silly, you say. But just so you know....I do know just how many there are now.

After I bought them:)

I am really enjoying exploring around the new area of the country that we've moved to and the Amish and Mennonite farms are so beautiful. One day I just followed the signs for *peaches* to one of those farms. I just couldn't help myself. It was late in the day and I really didn't expect them to still be selling...

...but then two boys appeared and waved me (and my mom and sister) on up the driveway. So of course I had to buy something. Turns out they just thought we were lost, but were happy to show us their produce anyway.

Boy, did my mom and sister have a laugh when I came out of the produce shed carrying a box with a half-bushel of peaches:) They knew that I had no idea by my sheepish grin. But the peaches were so pretty~and smelled so good~ I didn't care.

Except that I was in the middle of moving into our new home and my kitchen was in complete disarray. But that was okay. It took me a couple of days to get around to them, but I took a little while and peeled, sliced and bagged those peaches all for the freezer. We're going to enjoy us some yummy peach dishes all winter long!

Who's laughing now? heehee


Kei said...

Yummy! We have canned peaches in the past, but now that we have a separate freezer, I may try freezing some. I'm sure they'd have a much fresher taste than canned.

Jamie said...

We(my sona nd I)went to the library and stopped at a local farm that gives away what you pick so I picked a whole laundry basket and we have been canning for two days.I dont have any space in our two freezers at all for freezing.This is our first year canning peaches.
WOW,I didn't know you all moved to Kentucky,must have flew by,I am in Indiana but have lots of famiy in Kentucky,where abouts are you(n,s,e,w)sorry just curiuos.

Sarah said...

That's great. I'm sure you'll find some awesome things to make with those.

Jennifer said...

Peaches are my absolute favorite fruit. Yum! We went to a farm and picked some last year, and the kids all enjoyed that.

Gin said...

Yum! How odd to read this--we are planning on going to an Amish farm for peaches this Saturday. Hope they'll look as good in my freezer as they do yours!