10 August 2011

*Walking {err...Driving} On a Country Road*

Here I am, back at Starbucks, sipping on a blended strawberry lemonade (which is absolutely divine, I must say!). We won't have internet at our house for a few more days and I needed a mental health break anyway.

Yesterday evening we took a little drive through some of the farmland that surrounds our new hometown. It is such a beautiful area! The pace of life just feels slower here...and I really like that. The town that we're from is only about 80,000 and while that is large by no means, Hopkinsville is only roughly 30,000. The town is completely surrounded by gorgeous farms and I just love driving by and looking at them.

Here is a little peek at some of the farmland mere minutes from our house.

I love the orderly rows of crops, in this case, soybeans.

Tobacco is also a large crop here.

Isn't that moon beautiful rising over the cornfield?

There are so many beautiful barns here! I'm already scoping one
out for a Fall family photo shoot:)

Did I mention that there is a very large Amish community here as well?
This is one of their farms~they are just lovely! I've already visited one to
buy some peaches.

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Over Yonder said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures. The last 9 months I have been on an Amish book kick (Beverly Lewis) and would love to visit that part of the country. I live in a neighborhood on the outside of a small city and would LOVE to live in the country again. (I'm from SD)