27 September 2011

A New Bedroom For the Princess

The Princess' room is finally done! (Well, except for the fact that I'm planning to paint all of her furniture white...but that will have to be another month). She is so happy with the way it has turned out and I really am, too!

To really appreciate her room now, you need to see the *BEFORE* shot:

Yep, that's some kind of raisin color. If you looked at it one way it looked brown, but another angle might make it look dark purple. Either way, it didn't match anything and it made the room feel so small. (Dark, room-shrinking colors has been a theme with this house that we have had to combat. But, hey, paint is easy!).

So her room has been repainted with a lovely light, bright pink and accented with bright orange dots of various sizes. Vince did all of the painting, stenciling the dots by using a dinner plate, a casserole lid and a cd. We're resourceful around here! The dots are in a sort of band around the room in the center of the walls. And the band of dots is just a bit wavy~I like that.

Above her bed is the Target knock-off owl canvas that we made and also an adorable canvas with names for a princess that I picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby (the only new thing I've bought for her room).

This is one of my favorite set of photos that I have framed of The Princess from when she was about 4. The *Princess* word cut-out is separate and I liked the way it sat on top of the frame, just in the center of that big orange dot. Things like that make me smile:)

I thought The Princess might be ready to tuck her teacups away for now since her room decor was no longer in soft colors with no antique plates on the walls, but, no, she wanted her teacups. I think they look great in here, too.

Her bookcase is filled with tons of books, dolls and treasures of all kinds, of course.

We also got our new blinds in for the house~yea!!! And they look great!! I do plan to dress up the windows with some fabric, but for now this will do. I'm just happy to have privacy again.

Thanks for taking a tour of The Princess' room with me!


mindomatter76 said...

What a great bedroom for a Princess! Great job, hope you are enjoying your new home!

Kathy said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! You guys did an amazing job on it all!

Kari said...

I love it! It's adorable and totally her. =) Can't wait to see it.