13 September 2011

Putting My Roots Down

There's something about getting into a routine and schedule that helps you start to feel *planted*. Last week we started back to school and began to regain some normalcy in our days. Since our move it's been so crazy because of the unpacking of boxes, painting rooms, etc., that there has seemed to be no routine at all. Unless you count my daily cup of coffee w/hazelnut creamer...a must in my life!

When my schedule is *off* though, I feel *off* in general. I guess I should be more flexible in that way...and I do try, really. But it just takes a little time to find my groove in a new house, with everything in a new place.

Yesterday I could feel things beginning to click~and it felt so good!

I've been in desperate need of getting organized with my cleaning schedule. It seems like I'm always dropping one of those proverbial balls that I have in the air: homeschool, cooking, cleaning, remodeling, laundry, etc. So I revisited that little plan I came up with just about a year ago about *rezoning my house* and am once again implementing that.

So far so good! Of course, I realize it's only Tuesday, but at least I'm off to a good start. There's nothing like having a very productive Monday!

I even got to wrap up my day with a Girls Nite Out. Last night was the monthly night out for the moms in our new homeschool group and we closed down Starbucks! Such fun! What a wonderful group of ladies that I'm getting to know~every homeschool mom needs those kind of friends. I am feeling so blessed here in Kentucky: a loving church family and an amazing homeschooling group!

Now I'm off to tackle Tuesday!

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