11 October 2011

Fun at the Frist

When my hubby told me he had a meeting coming up in Nashville for one night in October, I asked if we couldn't make a family day of it and plan a field trip for the daytime, then I could just chill at the hotel later with the kiddos while he was at his meeting. Thus our trip to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts came about!

I was especially excited when I looked at their website and discovered that they currently have an exhibit called *To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures* from the Brooklyn Museum. This past year in history we have studied a lot about ancient Egypt and I knew the kids would love it. And they did!

I was deeply disappointed that I was not allowed to take a single photo inside the museum (I don't remember experiencing this at any other art museum--not even at the Louvre!!) so I have no sweet shots of the kiddos examining the displays. I was so glad that they brought their little art cases that they received when we visited the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa earlier this year. So even though we were allowed no photos, the kiddos simply sat down wherever they found a display that really caught their interest and got out their sketchbooks and pencils and drew their own picture of the art. I must say the museum attendants (of which there were many) were very *interested* in what they were doing, but were very nice when they saw what they were simply drawing.

(one of each of their drawings)

Our favorite part of the Frist was by far the Martin ArtQuest! This is an area of the museum that is totally hands-on and involves the kiddos (and parents!) in exploring all mediums of art. SO MUCH FUN! We all had fun playing:) We tried out *ancient painting*, sketching a human form (wooden mannequin), stop-motion animation, stamping, printing, still-life sketching, rubbings, building with blocks...the list goes on! We could easily spend hours in there--and the staff was so nice and friendly, encouraging us to try new things.

Here is a sampling of our *art* that we brought home:

Of course, since we couldn't take photos inside I thought it would be fun to take some outside. And what fun we had!

Also, Union Station is right next door to the Frist and I couldn't resist some pictures of this lovely building, too.

I'm already looking forward to another trip back to the Frist! Oh--and did I mention that children 18 and under get in FREE?! That is a great little thing to know, too.

So if you're in Nashville and you have a chance to visit, our family highly recommends it!

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