10 October 2011

One Thousand Gifts

It's been way too long since I added to my list of gifts. That's a habit that doesn't need to stop! I have so much to be grateful for and listing it is a wonderful way to remind myself. The big things, the little things, the not-so-good things...I am grateful!

So my list of gifts continues...

0461. a lovely new home

0462. in a lovely new hometown

0463. the joy of being a homeowner again

0464. healthy kiddos

0465. the blessing of homeschooling those said kiddos

0466. hearing my children say "Mom, I'm so glad you homeschool us"

0467. making new friends in our new town

0468. finding an awesome new homeschool group

0469. the beautiful colors of Fall

0470. the sweet surprise of being gifted two gorgeous pots of mums for my front porch

0471. walking in the woods with my children

0472. visits from my family

0473. fresh paint

0474. accomplishing a task I didn't think I could do

0475. taking each day one at a time

0476. taking a canoe ride with my kiddos

0477. watching my son be his daddy's helper

0478. seeing my children grow in taking responsibility

0479. reading to my kiddos every night

0480. and snuggling with them while I do


Heather said...

Love your list, especially the last two :) What a great shot of your canoe ride! Thanks for the visit to my blog. Have a wonderful week!

Anna said...

You have a beautiful family. Great list of gratitude. Thanks for visiting my blog too!