07 October 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Where Did This Week Go?!

Seriously! This week has flown by! You know, *more* than usual.

This week I introduced *our* version of the workbox system. I'm still tweaking it and getting it more organized. It was, however, a hit. The kids really like it~especially Mr. B. He loves to see what he's accomplishing (he's so much like me, it's scary). After I complete my setup and final organization (is that ever done?!), I'll be blogging it.

In our Character Sketches studies this week we began learning about Orderliness. The first animal that was an example of this was a *woodchuck*. The kiddos have taken to drawing the animal on their desk chalk-tops while I'm reading. I love seeing their drawings and even though we have to erase them for the next subject, a photo is just the thing.

While we did get through our lesson plans fairly well this week, there were some adjustments. One day we took a break in the middle to meet up with some friends at the park. One friend has a boy about Mr. B's age and I really want him to get to play more with boys his age. He just hasn't had the opportunity to do that much lately and I hate that for him. So I felt it was just as important to go play at the park (and have a lovely Fall picnic) as it was to do math that day.

The Princess has joined back up with Girl Scouts this year with a new troop here in KY. Her second meeting was this week. She's having a good time and making some new friends. And while she was in her meeting it gave me some good hang time with Mr. B.

My sister came for a visit this week. It was great timing since Vince is at the Catalyst conference in Atlanta (yes, I'm so jealous:). So we are having fun spending time with her. We are off to explore our neighboring city of Clarksville, TN today. I'm busy looking up something fun and educational to do (got suggestions for me? Leave a comment!).

She made cupcakes with the kids tonight (she's a such a good aunt!) and The Princess arranged them into a pumpkin shape. I just enjoyed eating them!

And I think that about wraps it up.

(Can you tell I'm exhausted?)

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Forest Rose said...

Great week..love the chalkboard desks and the yummy cupcakes..:)
Have a great week-end and week to come!

Forest Rose