21 November 2011

The Reading Game: A Review

I was excited to receive this review product recently, thinking my 1st-grade-son could really benefit and enjoy it a lot. And I was right! He is having so much fun with this game.

The Reading Game is a fast-paced memory card game using words. The game comes with 6 sets of memory cards with 6 corresponding readers.

The idea is for you and your student to play memory with each set of cards (playing 6 rounds with each set), after every 2 rounds your student then reads 2 test sentences to see how he is retaining the new words he is learning. After the whole set has been played, he is then ready to read the corresponding reader...and has learned 30 new words!

By the time your student has played every set of cards and read every reader, he will have learned 180 words. Of the 25 most common English words, 23 are on that list; of the 50 most common words, 42 are on that list. So this little game of reading really does prepare your student well.

The readers are illustrated with cute black and white drawings and are each about a different kind of animal: skunk, snake, bear, penguin, unicorn and zebra. The books are written in rhyming form and there is no punctuation for the sentences. This gives you a wonderful opportunity for your student to learn to punctuate the sentences properly.

The author of The Reading Game is Kenneth Hodkinson. You may be familiar with him, he is also the author of the Wordly Wise series.

The Reading Game meets the Common Core State Standards. You can also download free individual student assessment forms for this game here.

This has probably been one of the most fun reviews we've done this year! Mr. B loves it which makes me love it, too. It's always such a blessing to find fun ways to reinforce good reading skills that children enjoy.
The Reading Game is available here for $24.95. It would make a great educational Christmas gift! I encourage you to read through their site and learn more about this product for your early reader.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of The Reading Game through The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and The Reading Game in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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