22 November 2011

Thanksgiving: Are You Strictly Traditional or Not So Much?

I'm not sure how it is in other countries where they also celebrate a day of thanksgiving, but here in America Thanksgiving is by and large very traditional. Wouldn't you agree?

Most of us tend to eat with the same people (our families) and eat the same foods every year, right? At least that's how it is with me and my family.

Obviously, places and times change throughout the years, but my family has a long-standing tradition of having Thanksgiving dinner together--even if we have to travel hundreds of miles to do so.

This year is no exception either. I have just spent all of yesterday traveling with my husband and children across several states to be with our families this week. And we will celebrate by eating all of our favorite *Thanksgivingish* foods on Thursday.

I do like to try out a new recipe or two every year though. Last year I made several new ones. This year I am repeating a couple of those since they are now new favorites and I am trying out one brand new recipe: Deep Dish Pumpkin Meringue Pie!

And when we get together with Vince's side of the family on Friday we're skipping the traditional foods all together (since we'll have all eaten so much of them already). This year we're having bbq brisket with all the fixings! That will be yummy and it'll be nice to try different recipes for that.

So I guess I'm a little of both this year: traditional and non-traditional. It's fun to mix things up once in a while, dontcha think?

How about you? I'd love to hear about your plans--leave me a comment and tell me all about them!


Kathy said...

we are pretty much traditional all the way when it comes to Thanksgiving, we have turkey, stuffing, cranberry, mashed potatoes, etc ... every year! Now when Christmas comes around we sometimes get more creative with things like lasagna or steak or pork roast - just something different. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families! I am thankful for your friendship this year! =)

I Am Not Superwoman said...

We tend to be mostly traditional but do throw in a few twists here and there with regard to different recipes. This year trying Focaccia stuffing. I found a great recipe on line that I am using. Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Blossom said...

Hmmm, we are traditional as in we have the usuals (turkey, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, etc) but that is where the 'tradition' stops. We go with what we have to work with each year. Sometimes we have family, sometimes not. This year we will just have the four of us. It'll be quiet and perhaps a wee bit lonely but did I mention 'quiet' :) I would like to start an actual tradition. There will only be a few more holidays where both of my kids will guaranteed be here. Just haven't figured out what those will be yet :)
Have a great Thanksgiving with your family :)

Ellen said...

I'd say we're a tad un-traditional on the actual DAY, much to Himself's consternation. We get together at my cousin's house for an extended family get-together. And while we have turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce, we also have a bunch of other stuff because it's potluck. One year, I made broccoli salad. Himself was disgusted. "You don't have broccoli salad on Thanksgiving!" My reply: "We do in my family." He's gotten used to it, although he's still amazed at the number of casseroles. Welcome South, brother!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

@I Am Not Superwoman:

Foccacia stuffing sounds interesting! I hope it turns out great.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lora @ my blessed life said...


I remember those big family potlucks! I'm from the South, too, and everything under the sun shows up at those things--I love them:)))