08 November 2011

Visiting Superman

This past Friday we took a family fun day and headed to Metropolis to visit Superman! Now, if you're a fan like my hubby is (I didn't really know much about Superman until Smallville came along), then you may want to know that there really is a Metropolis in Illinois and it is apparently the *home* of Superman.

He stands tall and proud in their not-exactly-a-real-metropolis-of-a-city. But every little town needs a claim to fame, right?

I even got to imagine myself as Supergirl for a few minutes:) We definitely had fun taking photos !

And of course the kiddos got in on the action!

They keepers of Superman's legacy--whomever they may be--have created quite the ode to our all-American superhero with their store and museum. We had fun browsing around. Even the store was pretty much a museum of all things Superman and Justice League.

And of course, there was the famous phone booth!

Lois Lane was also represented, although not is as grand a way as the main man. I thought she got a little ripped off since Superman's fame rose greatly due to her awesome reporting, right?

So if you're passing by Metropolis, Illinois, make the time to stop and say *hi* to this incredible guy!

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