04 December 2011

Great Commission Languages {the easy French}: A Reveiw

Recently my daughter has been asking to learn French so when the opportunity came about to review Great Commission Languages Jr. Level French I was pretty excited! And so was she!

The book we received, The Jr. Level, is for Kindergarten through 3rd grade--perfect for us. The non-consumable guidebook has 34 lessons in it and also includes 2 audio cd's. On the cd's are the lessons read beautifully in French and English plus lots of great printable activity sheets for your student(s).

The Easy French Junior Level is designed so that it works very well with large families and families with multi-aged children. There are different levels of activities throughout the guide which make it easy to assign something appropriate to your students in different grades. This feature has been very beneficial to my family.

I have to admit that while I have been wanting my children to begin learning a second language, I have also been apprehensive about teaching them one. I didn't attempt to learn a second language until college and it was incredibly difficult for me by then. I know they are at the perfect ages to begin this challenge. I really like this curriculum because it is a gentle introduction to French using "literature based entertaining storylines". So rather than becoming bogged down in the grammar of the language it's teaching them how to use it conversationally and to enjoy the process. You can view sample lessons here.

The storyline in this particular book is based a little French girl, her pet kitten and her family. My daughter loves learning about Marie and Cherie! Even my son does, because he likes cats:)

I also love that Great Commission Languages is Bible-based and includes (in French) Scripture memory verses.

We are off to a great start to learning a second language with this program and I am excited to see how much my children can learn though it. With such fun lessons, I can't imagine anything but success. No wonder it has earned the Practical Homeschooling Reader Award!

Did I mention how affordable it is (especially in comparison with other foreign language products)? The Easy French Junior Level is only $69.95. If you have priced other programs, then you know what a bargain this is. And considering you can use it with multiple grade-levels for several years, it's an amazing deal!

Oh, and they also have this wonderful program in Spanish, too!

So if you have been looking for the right curriculum to use for a second language, I encourage you to check out Great Commission Languages.

Disclaimer: I received this The Easy French Jr. Level free of charge through The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and Great Commission Languages in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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