02 December 2011

The Weekly Wrap-up: the One In Which I Come Up For Air

Oh.My.Word. Where did November go?!? I feel as though my life has been in super-fast-forward for a couple of months now. And this week just about did me in ..ha I feel like I'm finally getting to breathe this weekend. It feels good!

Rather than going into detail on school lately, I'm simply sharing some of our highlights...

playing with tanagram puzzles while learning about ancient China

trying green tea (with honey), also during our China studies

studying about our current artist, Mary Cassett

enjoy Thanksgiving at Nana and Papi's house
(and a few good books with Papi)

delivering goodies & caroling with The Princess' Girl Scout troop

sorting magnetic poetry into the parts of speech for a fun grammar lesson

checking out some great local Christmas lights

It was really tough getting back into our routine this week after being out of town last week for Thanksgiving. I have been completely overwhelmed. However, I have high hopes for this upcoming week! It won't be long before we break for Christmas and I don't want December to go by in a blur. I want to enjoy it and savor it. It's my favorite time of the year!


Mary said...

Looks like a great week! I have fond memories of being a Brownie and a Girl Scout.

Ellen said...

Hi Lora! You're right -- this is a tricky time of year with activities, lessons, anticipation, etc. It's fun but hectic, and it's easy to feel like we're in a whirlwind! I loved your photojournal; it was a great way to show all that's been happening with you all.

Stef Layton said...

I was a girl scout for 10 years - those pictures make me miss it !

how nice to drink tea outta fancy china - well done mom ! (lots of honey) !!