09 January 2012

One Thousand Gifts: Still Counting

With this New Year, the gifts just keep on coming.  

I don't mean Christmas gifts, but instead those sweet precious daily gifts that God gives continually.  The things that we often just forget about or take for granted.

I'm so thankful for these things! 

0499.  a fresh new year, full of possibilities  

0500.  homemade bread

0501.  snow flurries

0502.  puppy love

0503.  the satisfied feeling of a productive day

0504.  the sweet bond between a boy and his dog

0505.  watching the excitement of my kiddos over the success of a science project

0506.  the absolute sweetness of tucking my kiddos in at night

0507.  my very favorite chocolate

0508.  packages from the mailman

0509.  black raspberry & chocolate chip ice cream

0510.  a day gone better than you could have hoped

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