31 January 2012

One Thousand Gifts {winter days}

0511.  a yummy weekend breakfast eaten at leisure

0512.  a weekend morning spent with my family at a kids' craft clinic

0513.  watching the extreme concentration on my kiddos' faces as they worked hard on their task

0514.  watching father and son, one teaching, the other learning

0514.  sharing with them the joy of accomplishing their craft

0515.  listening to the talk the rest of the day about that fun of that simple experience

0516.  the surprise gift of a warm-enough-to-go-to-the-park-day in January

0517.  our puppy's first park outing

0518.  the fun of trying to walk a wiggly, over-excited puppy on a path

0519.  unexpected puppy kisses:)

0520.  my sweet girl and her beloved puppy

0521.  the blessing of a faithful husband and a loving father to our children

0522.  sunshine after days of rain

0523.  the joy of time spent with kindred spirits

0524.  the blessing of such a beautiful world to live in

0525.  a day ending with a good sense of productivity and accomplishment

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