19 January 2012

So I Finally Roasted My Pumpkins From Last Fall

Remember these Fall beauties from my front porch?  Well, I'd almost forgotten about them myself!  I bought them with the intention to roast them in the fall, but never had the time.  So I stuck them in my pantry and promptly forgot them...until this week.  

I was browsing through my Pinterest boards and suddenly saw the blog post I had pinned on how to cook a pumpkin in a crockpot.  "Hmm.." I say to myself, "I should really roast those pumpkins before they rot!"

So that's what I did this week.  I only had two of the above three left (I guess the other one got carved): the Long Island cheese wheel pumpkin and the neck pumpkin.  

So I followed the instructions from here and roasted the cheese wheel pumpkin in the crockpot and put the neck pumpkin in the oven (because it was huge!), following these instructions.  Both recipes are super basic: just cutting up the pumpkin, being sure to remove the seeds and pulp, placing the pieces cut-side-down with a little water and roasting until tender.  Boy, did my house smell good all day!  

After they were roasted, I let them cool a bit.  Then I scraped the flesh from the skin, pureed the flesh with a hand blender and bagged it up in 2-cup portions (basically the same amount as what comes in a can of pumpkin).  

I got 14 cups of pumpkin to put in my freezer!!  I am already looking forward to pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin pie.....

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