08 January 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Getting Back Into the School Groove

I realize the weekend is pretty much over, but I'm posting my weekly wrap-up anyway.  Just because I like to do it.  It's always fun to look back over the week and see what we've been up to and what's been accomplished.  

It's hard to believe that it was just a week ago when we welcomed 2012!  This week has been so busy for me that seems like a month ago-ha!  

On New Year's Eve we celebrated with the kiddos at home with some pizza and games.  New Year's Eve is definitely different after children come along, isn't it?  ;)  Different is good though!  

We played several games, but a new favorite is a little one that I put in Mr. B's stocking for Christmas called Story Cubes.  What a fun little game!  It's all about telling a story and using your imagination.  I plan to use this for school writing exercises.

We started back to school on Tuesday.  (I needed Monday to regroup from the weekend and do some lesson planning and organization in our Learning Room).  It has been a very productive week school-wise, too.  

Now the first couple of days were a bit rough for The Princess who just wasn't ready to do school work again.  She took for-ev-er to do her math the first day back and then almost forever to do her grammar on the second day back.  However, when she found that I would not let her roll any work over to the next day and that what was on the schedule MUST be completed that day, she did her work in a much more timely manner the rest of the week.  

In the past I've allowed her occasionally (when the day was getting rough) to simply finish "later", generally the next day.  Well, no more Mr. Nice Guy, so to speak.  I know, I'm so mean.  Oh, well.  I'm okay with that.  It looks like this rule is going to work out well though.  

We stayed the course in Bible, Math, Grammar, Reading, Handwriting and Science.  In History, we've been enjoying a break from our books with a movie guide on Ben Hur.  It actually fits in with the period of history we are studying so it's been perfect.  I also introduced our composer and artist for January: Mozart and Rembrandt.  

It's been a very good week of homeschool!

(our herb light box--coming a long nicely!)

This week has also included LOTS of puppy time!  I have to say homeschooling with a puppy is a bit of a challenge.  I'd forgotten just how much work puppies are--and how distracting they are--but they're so worth it.  We all adore her, she is just a little furry ball of sweetness!

And now I'm looking forward to another great week of homeschooling!  Our new Co-op begins this week and we are excited about that.


Mary said...

We just got Story Cubes and I plan on using them Monday :)

The puppy is adorable.

Lisa said...

Story cubes sound wonderful! I will have to check them out for my kiddos. :-)

Your new puppy is too cute. I can see how he can be quite the distraction, lol!

Congrats for a great week! We started back slow, but sure and am hoping to get even more done this week!

Many blessings,

Jesse said...

We love Story Cubes at our house, too!! My hubby plays with them the most often with the kiddo's and his stories always leave the kids in stitches!